6 branding services that can help any organization

November 18, 2021
6 branding services that can help any organization

In today’s world of business, technology and innovation, branding services are the most sought after, and are referred to as the “in thing”. Branding is considered one of the most important factors by which businesses thrive.

So… Do you offer services, sell products, or you are an organization? The real question for you is… Do You Have A Brand? 

Your brand = your personality

Your brand is your personality, it is what you want people to perceive you to be. It entails even the minute details of who you are and the principles and values you uphold. Your brand is to your organization what your name is to you. It is not just associated with your core, it is, in fact, the core of your products, services or organization itself. If you do your branding right, then you have done your products or services right in every ramification. 

Once people begin to associate with your brand and form an emotional attachment to it, you begin to have loyal customers who will keep coming back to your products or services. Your branding then becomes your edge over your competitors. And, because it is the goal of every business to gain an advantage over their competitors, you must get your branding right!

Although we discussed branding earlier, it is important to go over it for clarity.

What is branding?

From the top, we believe you now know what a brand is, but how do you go about branding? How do you create one and give your business the facelift it needs?

Let’s guide you. 

If we say a brand is your personality, then branding is simply putting that personality or image out for people to see and relate to. This involves all the processes you put in place to make sure that your brand goes out, and not just gets out, but is also well accepted by your target audience and customers. A great brand without a great branding strategy might not win the battle. 

In branding, your image and personality must be carefully and nicely crafted out to connect with audiences in a specific way. So branding becomes a series of carefully calculated and deliberate choices to communicate your brand to the world. When you carry out good branding, you are constructively placing your brand above others in the marketplace.

Anything can be branded

And what is most interesting is that anything can be branded. From individuals (like most footballers) to products, goods, services, schools, organizations, agencies, firms, etc. Anything you can think of can have a brand that will set them apart in what they do.

Branding agencies

One thing you need to know is that not anybody can offer branding services, so you should make use of a branding agency. These agencies are specialised in carrying out branding services. They collaborate with customers, individuals and organizations to give them the best branding through their services. They help set up new brands, though they can also modify previously existing ones that are outdated or out of touch with the modern world.

Moreover, their daily tasks include branding and rebranding, so when dealing with one, you can rest assured that their knowledge is current, as numerous brains are working simultaneously to produce the greatest outcomes.

Different types of branding services exist which can be offered by these branding agencies, but we’ll focus our attention on the six (6) most important branding services you need to make your brand successful. Mind you, they are simple and plain, but they form the secret of great brands you admire out there, like Coca-Cola, Nike, FedEx, Gucci, Tesla, and the rest. You or your business in conjunction with your branding agency can strategize thoroughly to bring out the best and make your brand a successful haven for customers and your audience.

Types of branding services

1. Logo design

Everybody wants something catchy at first glance. This does not mean it has to be elaborate, it only means it should resonate with the person’s inner values and desires. Your logo is the face of your organization or product. It is what everyone will see first about your product, so you have to remember that the first impression matters a lot.

A glance at your logo can automatically increase your brand awareness. It should signify everything your brand stands for. With your logo, you should be able to create a perfect visual representation of your brand principles and core values.

A careful look at the logo of a jaguar car signifies strength, speed and stealth, signalling the attributes of a jaguar. After carefully studying your audience and customers, it is important to come up with a logo whose colour and style agrees with both the people and the product.

There are different types of logos. From monograms to emblems, to combinations. Read more on the different types of logos. And if you intend to design a logo, this piece on the attributes of a great logo will guide you.

2. Brand message

Your brand message has one major goal and that is to answer the questions of your customers whilst also reinforcing the values your brand wishes to offer. Everything you are should be reflected in your brand message. This is where your values, principles, culture and the key difference between your brand and others are projected.

Your brand message should also embody your audience and your product position in relating to what extra value you offer that cannot be gotten anywhere else. Your brand message should be short, straight to the point and catchy.

Indomie noodles, for instance, came up with a single message that is deeper than it meets the eyes. They called theirs “the difference is in the taste,” meaning that they are a brand of excellence and that there’s no other product that tastes as good as theirs, and it also speaks of their great formula. This message also resounds with the audience and children will always be carried away by taste and outlook. 

The bottom line is, a great brand message should be all-encompassing.

3. Brand positioning

This is the process of designing a company’s image to occupy a distinctive place or position in the mind of the audience or target market. Branding agencies can position a brand by constructively projecting the brand’s abilities to match the customers’ or consumers’ expectations. It involves carefully drilling into what exactly makes your brand unique and looking for ways to showcase that strength to your audience.

Brand positioning helps to identify how you set yourself apart from all your competitors. It can be quality-based, value-based, competitor-based, and so on. 

All that is important is that you create a unique channel of expression for your brand by positioning it strategically.

4. Social media branding

A popular cliche goes that “the world is a global village”. What this means is that the internet is bringing the world together. If you don’t have an online presence already, then you’ve been losing money. Business today has been reconstructed to function online. Internet live stats record that there are 1.9 billion websites online currently and about 3.2 billion people use social media. This is a large customer market with endless possibilities.

Your business or organization can be successfully branded by a branding agency that would give your brand a unique online presence. Chief in this category is having your brand website and social media page. Then you’ll need content and designs.

Your website and social media page should be relatable (not clustered) and easy to navigate. Customer questions should be answered at a glance without much stress. Too much ambiguity can discourage customers. Fonts should be clear and simple. Every single detail on the website should reflect the brand’s values, including page colours and overall design.

5. Branding commercials or adverts.

A delicate branding service that can help any organization is the use of branding commercials or adverts. Any product without a marketing strategy will not do well in the general market. Your marketing strategy is more than just putting a logo and a mission statement together. It is more than designing a website and adding colours. A marketing strategy should be strategic and constructive to attract and arouse the interest of the customer.

Social media commercials and adverts can go a long way towards projecting your products’ and services’ strengths and advantages over others. The commercials should be catchy, informative, interesting and humorous as the case may be. This can then be projected to audiences across different social media platforms.

Remember the words of Steuart Britt: “Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing, but nobody else does.”

6. Cultural branding

This is one of the most important branding services you should request from any branding agency. This involves channelling your product to meet the culture and lifestyle of the audience or customers. This requires concrete research as you will need to understand the mindset and behavioural patterns of your audience. What values do they hold dear, and how can you win them over with their interests while maintaining yours?

A group of people who are farmers will need carbohydrates for energy and work. Lightweight food might not profit them much. The same thing happens to internet lovers. Their interest might be aroused if you deal with products that give them more returns for a given amount. Even in that, there has to be a strategy to meet these needs as it pertains to their culture and behavioural patterns.


In essence, every business or organization needs branding services and anything can be branded. You only need to find the right branding agency that will help shape your brand into what you want it to be.

And the good thing is, you are at Dynamite Digital Agency, a leading branding agency where all we do is offer holistic branding services.

Contact us if you ever need help with any branding.

Keep building… Your brand is made up of people’s perceptions of your personality. Branding directs that perception.

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