Top 3 attributes of a great logo 2023

June 28, 2021
Top 3 attributes of a great logo

Logos are created to help people recognize your brand. For instance, Apple, Chanel, and Ferrari… What is the connection between these names? Apart from being a label in their respective sectors, nearly everyone on the planet recognizes them for their logos.

The half bite, the interlocking Cs, and the prancing horse all represent well-known brands. Their devoted customers and brand lovers know these. Others hope to own them eventually, using them as a metric for success. These are graphic representations of a brand’s experience reality. These are well-known symbols that have acquired a cult following throughout the years.

A logo is a powerful representation of a brand’s identity. It appeals to a certain target and entices them to look in and learn more about the brand. It tells potential customers who and what the brand is and reminds past customers of their experience with the brand. Without logos, a computer is just a computer, a bag is just a bag, and a car is anything that gets you from point A to point B.

As a result, there is every reason to contact an agency that provides brand identity services. If you are an entrepreneur looking to set up a business, investing in innovative and effective logo design is critical.

Here are 3 attributes of a great logo:


Creative logo designers make sure that a logo is simple and memorable, which means, it should be able to convey the brand message at a glance. 

A complicated logo is difficult to reproduce as well as maintain and can be easily forgotten. Examples of popular brands with simple and memorable logos are Google, Facebook, Coca-Cola, Nike, and so forth.

It is for this reason that at Dynamite Agency, we ask ourselves if a person who has seen a logo we have designed only once can recall it and describe the design to someone else. Creative logo designers should always have this in mind.


In designing a logo, you need to set your brand aside from your competitors.

It might be difficult to stand out in today’s crowded market, but the aim here is to simply appear different from your competitors. When you don’t have a logo that stands out from the rest, your customers will have a tough time recognizing your brand. They will eventually choose your competitor over you.

Also, while trying to be distinct, how you “position” the logo should be appropriate for its intended audience. For example, while a child-like font with multiple colours would be appropriate for the logo of a children’s toy store,  the opposite will be the case if it were used for a law firm. If you deviate from these expectations, you may end up making a lot of losses due to missed opportunities.


One of the essential qualities of great logos is scalability and versatility. Your logo will show up in various spots. From little pins to large billboards, a good logo should maintain visual balance and clearness. Your logo will be seen on social media and in many other places where it will be very tiny. For this reason, you have to ask yourself:

Will it remain effective when printed in one colour? Will it be the same when done in reverse (i.e. light logo on dark background)? How about when printed on a small surface like a postage stamp, or a surface as large as a billboard?

A great logo must be able to retain its original look regardless of the size or surface it is printed or used on. As a result, logos should be developed in vector format so that they can scale to any size.

A useful tip in creating a versatile logo is to begin designing in black and white. This helps you to concentrate on the concept and shape rather than the colour, which is subjective. You have to also keep in mind printing costs: the more colours you use, the more expensive it will be for the business over the long term.



While a logo is not the end-all and be-all of a brand, it does play an important role. Along with other important aspects of good branding, aids in the quick recognition of a brand or product. It is a symbol that will be used to identify the brand. With proper considerations for the basic principles of great logo design, you can be assured that the logo you come up with will be effective and strong. Additionally, in creating a great and effective logo, it is most helpful if you can enlist our help since we’ve got the experience and expertise to share valuable insight according to what works best for your type of offer or product.

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